3209 West 5th Ave turns 100 years old in September this year. To celebrate it’s centenary, we are trying to track down the residents who lived in this house.

In 1998, soon after we moved here from London, England, we bought an old heritage house in Kitsilano. Through some weird twist of fate, we discovered that our good friend back in London, Denise had grown up right next door. It was bizarre, that of all the houses we could have bought in Vancouver, we ended up next door to Denise’s childhood home. The next time she was in town, she brought over Laura Finlayson, who had grown up in our house. She had photos of the house and garden as it had been when she lived there, and told us all kinds of stories about her time living at 3209 West 5th Ave.

This piqued my interest in the history of the house and I hired house historian James Johnstone to find out more.

This year the house turns 100, and armed with the information that James Johnstone has given me, I’m trying to track down the people who lived in the house, and for the early residents, their decedents. We’ve been here for 15 years and have been very happy here. I want to find out what this house meant to others who, over the years passed through these doors.

Here is a list of who lived here over the years. If you know any of these people, or it was you, or a relation, please get in touch here.

• 1913 John and Catherine Dickson

• 1921 Lena and Stanley Kilborn
• 1921 Stuart Davies

• 1927 Fred and Mabel Byers

• 1929 Jo and Ellen Donnelly

• 1935 Harry and Mabel Aley

• 1936 James and May Hasler

• 1939 Doug and Mabel Davies

• 1942 Joe and Irene Lewis

• 1944 John and Evelyn Dalgleish

• 1955 Robert and Millicent Gregg

• 1957 Angus and Margaret Finlayson

• 1964 Malcolm and Christine Finlayson

• 1977 Kay Stockholder

• 1998 Chris and Nikki Renshaw

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